Whole foods Market, Fenwick Road, Giffnock – November 2011

Popped along to the opening of the new Whole Foods Market in Giffnock, what a busy place.  It seemed like the whole of the southside was visiting.

Loved the makeover of the outside of the store.  The old Morrisons/Safeway decor was pretty boring, the use of the wood certainly brightens up the place (if only they could do something with the Burnfield Road side tho).

As soon as you go in the fresh food hits you, lovingly stacked fruit and veg.  A wide array of them, great to see somewhere else selling Padron peppers (Waitrose sell them too).

the deli counters are awash with excellent cheeses and meats, haven’t checked the price comparison with Ian Mellis, but for us southsiders it’s a lot handier.

Large selection of Scottish beers in stock.

Favourite bit has to be the re-fillable beer and wine area.  Brewdog and West on draught as well as a not too bad red and white.

Lots of selection on all items covering organic, eco-friendly and American brands, my only gripe was that some items seemed pretty dear in comparison to other shops.  Bought some bits n bobs but the sort of place to pick up some luxuries, I’d hate the think how much a “real” shop would cost.

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2 Responses to “Whole foods Market, Fenwick Road, Giffnock – November 2011”

  1. ewanswanders Says:

    As a former southside deli owner, I think its great. Knowing the people behind local artisan producers, its terrific and may entice a new generation of artisans. I know many lines can be found elsewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had bought a supplier or two but anything that brings well made products while supporting the local economy into a mainstream arena is good in my book. Its early days, wastage/dates maybe something for them watch. Yes some lines maybe more expensive but savvy shoppers don’t always shop in the one place.

    • emmarzblog Says:

      ‘d just rather give the small business owner my cash direct or thru a small business shop. Agree re wastage, might be something to watch to get a bargain 😉

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