The Jam Tree, 541 Kings Road, Fulham, London – April 2011

New gastro pub that seems to be resting on it’s publicity laurels.  Nationally published for its Jam Mojito cocktail, try and order one, um no ingredients for it – what like rum and jam?, its fulham we are in not the north pole!  The servers (of which many can’t fault them there) were too busy standing about looking pretty than actually being able to serve.  They were stumped at another customers request for an Amaretto sour (i think it has egg white one says).

Why do places open when the staff are clearly out of their depth?

The beer garden was average, not as “wannabe” as the inside bar thankfully.

£17.50 for a jug of  pimms with two strawberries, you can tell they so want to be the other side of the bridge from Fulham.

The Jam Tree on Urbanspoon

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