Tapa Coffeehouse, Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow -August 2008

A new kid on the block round these parts, I had to venture in! Decor has a modern twist on the traditional about it. Big glass unit to show off the cakes and sandwiches with blackboards around with prices and whats on offer. I had a pot of earl grey (£1.20) and a sandwich which contained Hummus and roast veggies (£4.20!!!). The bread was nice if a bit too healthy for my liking, although I was onto my second cup of tea from the pot by the time it came out – which i dont understand why as the sandwiches were ready made in the glass unit??? The sandwich comes with some salad which was fresh and tasty. Overall a nice place to visit, however I don’t think the price of the sandwich is justified. So I’ll just stick with the tea and coffee.

Where is it: – Tapa
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One Response to “Tapa Coffeehouse, Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow -August 2008”

  1. Soo'side Says:

    Like it’s East End counterpart, it’s overpriced, distinctly average and attracting the usual arty farty pseudo’s you’d expect in the West End. Where it can happily relocate at the prices it charges.

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