Sloans, 108 Argyle Street, Glasgow – November 2009



Visiting here after a long break to go to the Thank Folk its Tuesday night. We bought two halfs of beer – £3 for the two. Then went up to the launch night. Friendly staff, free nibbles and even a free dram! The music was excellent and the decor beautiful.


2 Responses to “Sloans, 108 Argyle Street, Glasgow – November 2009”

  1. James McCallum Says:

    I was astounded to see the change to Sloan’s place. When I worked in Glasgow in the 1950’s Sloan’s was a superb “olde worlde” resturant of which, even then, there were few left………..but now……….oh dear

  2. James McCallum Says:

    Further to my earlier communication, I now see that Sloan’s has been restored and that the resturaunt is there! I take it all back!
    I was mislead by what looked like an impromptu skiffle session in the photograph shown.
    Hope to visit Sloan’s again this September after 47 years!

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