Signs, Duke Street, Glasgow – Sep 2011

Located at the Bellgrove end of Duke Street, Signs appears to be in a bit of a stramash at the moment.   Previously Miau cafe, there are remnants on the window of previous adverts.  Sitting inside the menu doesn’t appear as varied as Miau had but does the job for a local cafe.

We were starved due to walking about with Doors Open Weekend stuff so plumped for the all day breakfast  No mushrooms or black pudding available but he’d put extras of the other things on, no problem to us.  A little rush appeared after us and the owner was rushed off his feet as well as lacking in a few ingredients – eggs, sausage….eek!  He nipped into the shop next door a couple of times for extra ingredients – well least they are purchased fresh!

Took a little bit longer than we would have wanted for the breakfast but when it came it was hot, fresh and with a little bit of basil – artistic! – that much so the local junkie asked his mrs – whats with the green stuff? – you can grow stuff in tubs and stick in on yer dinner, makes it look nice.

Service was friendly, food was tasty and not greasy – would go back if in the area.

3 Responses to “Signs, Duke Street, Glasgow – Sep 2011”

  1. Kimberley Neill Says:

    I have been to this Cafe and I think the food is exquisite. You can receive gourmet burgers, gourmet main meals and many other specials! The pricing for the food is miraculous! 5* burgers for £1.50 I think you should think about revisiting this cafe. I believe the owner is having a trial of Signs Restaurant this Wednesday 7th November at 8pm. Starter, Main and Dessert £10- plus bring your own refreshments *wink wink*!

    Kimberley Neill
    Glasgow Acting Academy

  2. David Graham Says:

    was in her yesterday cafe been rearranged, looking very nice now owner said the sign was getting sorted this week, I got me a latte and a bbq burger was very nice and fresh, definatly going back there again yeah you might have tibo and coias on the same street but for what I spent in they 2 other places I could get 5 bbq burgers in Signs…amazing prices

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