Shilla, 1138 Argyle Street, Glasgow – April 2011

Starters of fried dumplings

Loved the combination of tastes in these dumplings.  Not doughy or greasy at all.

and vegetables tempura style

The dip livened up these vegetables.  Would have been a boring dish otherwise.

mains of seafood with noodles (Bokum udon)

a bit overloaded on the chilli considering it wasn’t marked as hot on the menu.  Good selection of seafood however the octopus was very rubbery.  Ended up a chore to eat as it just tasted of chilli.

and rice with kimchi (Kim Chi Bokim)

Nothing spectacular again, compared to the other dish this one lacked any spice at all as opposed to menu and the Korean love of spice

pot of green tea was ordered as well.  Good green tea.

£32.98 in total.  Pretty unimpressed with my introduction to Korean food, other half was disappointed as has previously enjoyed Korean cuisine.

Shilla on Urbanspoon

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