Seewoo, Saracen Street, Glasgow – Feb 2011

Seewoo Restaurant Glasgow Ltd. on Urbanspoon


Another one for possible valentine’s meals.  Had been meaning to go in for food every  time we had been up to Seewoo but never got around to it.

£8.50 for three course business lunch, and any excuse to celebrate the spring festival we decided to make a date of it.
Good selection on the menu for a budget meal, usual suspects of chicken/sweetcorn, chicken noodle soups, beef curry etc.

We plumped for a Chicken and Sweetcorn soup and a Hot and Spicy soup

Good, thick, gloopy soups, the hot n spicy had a good kick to it and the chicken and sweetcorn had lots of content.

Crispy Shredded Beef and two kind of pork both with boiled rice to follow.

Good sized portion, although the sauce was a little too sickly sweet at the end.

Moist pork, flavoursome with some very crispy fat.

Very impressed with the standard of food for the budget lunch, service was quick too.  Desserts included ice cream and gateau.  We were stuffed and had the coffee instead.

Looking forward to a return visit.


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