Saffron Lounge, 51 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow – December 2010

Serves an A la Carte menu as well as a buffet. Seems to be marketing itself as more of a buffet establishment.

Lunch buffet –
Fri – £6.95
Sat – £7.95
Sun – £8.95

Evening Buffet
Sun – Thur £10.95
Fri & Sat £12.95

(Prices as Dec 2010)

Located in what was Urban Grill, the inside decor has not been changed much, nor the layout. Still darkened wooden walls,with candle light. Looks dull from the outside but cosy inside.

Due to the weather the evening buffet was restricted a little (However as always the pricing never reflects this!). A selection of starters were brought over on a plate. Good fresh pakora rather than the usual soggy stuff however the pakora seemed to consist of gram flour and the vegetable/chicken- no spice.

Chicken pizza, vegetable pasta, a very watery thai (oh it was meant to be thai?) curry, tepid naans and around 6 curries to choose from. The curries were middle of the road and filled a hole in our stomachs, the pizza was ok but not as hot as would have liked, the vegetable pasta looked like it wanted to sleep, the thai curry was already sleeping – watery and no flavour.

Dessert selection was also unimpressive – ice cream with shards of ice in them, gulub jamins that were very stodgy with lumps in them, selection of fresh fruit, a cream cake and an unworking chocolate fountain (seemingly due to no supplies for the past two weeks).

Overall, friendly service but the food was unimpressive. Still a space in Glasgow for a successor to the creme de la creme (RIP).

Disabled toilets on the restaurant level, other toilets downstairs (however these were out of order).

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