Ritz Cafe, Millport – July 2009




£8 for one ice cream and raspberry sauce, one ice cream, raspberry and flake and hot apple pie with ice cream.  Gorgeous retro cafe, unfortunately up for sale.  Formica tables, proper service and smashing ice cream.  yummy!

2 Responses to “Ritz Cafe, Millport – July 2009”

  1. Oms Says:

    Fucking place is shite and the owner looks like a burnt prune.

  2. David Limond Says:

    I went back to millport for the first time in ages a few years ago and was all nostalgic and couldn’t wait to get to the Ritz cafe.

    Oh how nostalgia had played a cruel trick on me.The place was exactly as it was years ago only time had made me forget how shit it was.Owners and staff pure huffy as fuck, nae toilets and a pure fortune.

    If being a miserable bastard and refusing to do a scrap of work on yer cafe since the early 70’s (as far back as i remember but probably longer) is considered retro then aye it’s as retro as fuck!!

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