Portland Arms, 1169 Shettleston Road, Glasgow

What a wonderous pub!  Island Art Deco style bar.  Building was rebuilt in 1938 by Thomas Sandilands and Macleod.   Doors are hard to negotiate to get in, due to styling and age however once in there is a lot of floor room to move about it.

Felt a bit out of place being a woman here so didn’t venture to see the toilets, but will go back when busier so not to look too out of place!  Worth going back for another visit.   Male toilets – clean-ish. 1 cubicle and only 1 sink with cold water only and no soap. No dryer either if I recall. Large urinal on 3 sides of wall though. No steps involved to get there.

Bit of a glare with the use of flourescent lights, seemed smoky inside even tho no smoke – reminded me a bit like those 70’s cafe’s.  Friendly service, locals seem to banter a bit.   £2.25 for cola + 1/2pt Guinness. Also on draft T, T special, Kronenberg, 60/, Stella.

Listed in the CAMRA publication Scotland’s True Heritage Pubs, more info Old Glasgow Pubs too.

3 Responses to “Portland Arms, 1169 Shettleston Road, Glasgow”

  1. Update « food and drink glasgow Says:

    […] Update By emmar Portland Arms, Glasgow […]

  2. Barm Says:

    I found it very depressing to see such a beautiful pub so run down.

  3. admin Says:

    Yes barm unfortunately a place needing a lot of TLC. A wonderous pub hidden behind decay. I would love to go back and see what it did look like. Still recommended to peep in to see some of what is left.

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