Pizza Express, Queen Street, Glasgow

Received a buy one get one free voucher so made my first ever visit to Pizza Express (I am so behind the times!)

Venezia – £6.85 – , Onions, capers, olives, sultanas and pine kernels. A discretionary 25p is donated on your behalf to support the charity Veneziana Fund

Not as much topping as hoped, but good base and quality ingredients.

Fiorentina, £7.95 – spinach, grana padano, free range egg, garlic oil and olives

Lovely base and sauce, novel idea with the egg – haven’t seen that for a few years over here.

Just like the pizzas they sell in the supermarket, didn’t think it would be worth buying at full price as the restaurant ambience and cleanliness didn’t really match the original pricing but with the deal we were happy.

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