Papa Doms, 164 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow – Dec 2008 – NOW CLOSED

After waiting an age for the fit out to finish Papa Doms eventually opened. It looks like a fast food restaurant with chaps kitted out in their polo shirts and smiley faces. We ordered Veg Pakora ( 6 pieces for £2.49) and a share size Lamb Bhoona (£6.99) and Garlic Naan (£2.49) and Boiled Rice (£1.99). The meals were tepid at the best, esp the veg pakora which seemed to cool pretty quickly (i live a 5min walk away from the restaurant). We were disappointed with the share size, not that big – the usual plastic box that takeaways give you – certainly not the usual two meals out of the one carry out that we are used to with other establishments. All in all good food but I won’t rush back. There are other warmer, larger portioned establishments nearby.

Where is it:-
Papa Doms

7 Responses to “Papa Doms, 164 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow – Dec 2008 – NOW CLOSED”

  1. sandra collier Says:

    I had to write in reply to your review regarding Papa-Doms, we have a takeaway from this establishment every weekend as the quality of the food is outstanding and the delivery is so quick. Our food has ALWAYS piping hot!
    Maybe give the place a chance as they were not long opened when you went in?
    We will continue to enjoy our weekend treat, the other shabby takeaways are NO competition…Its peace of mind knowing our meal has been prepared in a clean hygenic environment!

  2. admin Says:

    surely being newly opened (and it took long enough for that to happen) that they should have been on the ball? I live around the corner from the shop and yet my takeaway was tepid. A friend of mine had the same problem. It looks ultra clean, and Its good you can see into the kitchen area.

  3. Papa-Doms Says:

    I still dont understand why our food would go cold faster than other carry out food. We are not using any different packaging from other establishments and it is cooked to the same temperature that is required by health and safety law. I challenge anyone to prove that the food is tepid after 5 mins! It is impossible.

    The fact it took longer than expected to open should be of no concern to anyone. When a company opens a shop it should obtain the correct planning consents, warrants and safety certificates, also asbestos was found in the shop and proper procedures were taken to remove it. We could have opened in 3 weeks if we wanted to do what most other jack the lad operators do and ignore the procedures.

    Sandra, i am extremely glad you have been enjoying the food and we look forward to welcoming you back.

  4. Tareq Says:

    like a indian mcdonalds, the chicken tikkler (kebab) is 2 pieces of chicken in a pita bread with mayo-type sauce…

    Not idea for the glasgow palet eh!


  5. Jenny Says:

    I was really dissapointed with this place, it looks great but lacks any real substance. The food was bland, small portions and tasted like it was reheated with sauce from a bottle. (pakora sauce tasted like sweet chilli straight from a bottle from asda)

    My chicken tikkler was a pita bread with 2 pieces of chicken & mayo type sauce. A chicken tika kebab would have been cheaper & tastier.

    I hope they sort this place out, i had to wait almost 35 minutes on my food which was another joke.

    Avoid like the plaguei say

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