Nur, 22 Bridge Street, Glasgow – November 2011

Got one of those daily cheap deals, Pharoah’s Feast for £16  .  Have been meaning to try this place for a while so was quite excited when this deal came up.

cost, decor to match the food, loved the Moorish style tiling.  Two couples inside on this weekday night.

The advert stated:-£16 instead of £40. Pharaoh’s Feast for TWO. Includes Soups, Your choice of Tagine, Plus choose from Grilled Kofta, Ta’ameya or Shawerma. Feast also includes Flatbread, Rice, Tahina & Zabadi dips and a traditional pot of Egyptian Hibiscus Tea.

For the feast you get…

spicy lentil soup, mine was tepid, but tasty.

this was one of the tagine’s, pretty poor size in all honesty, just as well for the rice.  We’d ordered lamb and okra but got lamb and potato, and lamb kofta. couldn’t be bothered asking for our proper order as we had waited.  Small dips to go with the two triangles of flatbread.  Tagine and kofta were full of flavour and moist.

Tea was served in a gorgeous pot with lovely tea cups and spoons, tea was nice, but could have been stronger (I’m a herbal tea fan).

The rose ice cream was delish, with lime sauce to top.  HUGE portion compared to the rest of the menu.

I’d ordered baklava, got baklava and katafi.  Ice cream was a bit bland.

Service was friendly, place looked lovely but if we had paid the quoted price (£40) I would have been disappointed.  Don’t think we will be rushing back.

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