Land and Sea, Main Street, Polmont

Stumbled across this chippy as they had a stall at Foodies Edinburgh and was impressed by the quality of the food served.

An unsual point of this chippy is that they serve gluten free fish and chips on the 1st Saturday of the month from 12- 2:30pm.

Lovely large chunks of Haddock, no grease, beautiful.  An added extra was being asked if we wished lemon and tartare sauce – excellent!  £5.40 for this beauty (1 1/2 slices of haddock too)

The black pudding was non-greasy too which is a first!  £2.60 for the pudding.

Service was quick and friendly, queue in the shop (which I usually take as a good sign), extras sold included sustainable anchovies/sardines in tins, cream o galloway ice cream, southern fried chicken batter sachets as well as gravy sachets to make at home.

Very impressed by this and well worth the trip to Polmont.

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