Inverbeg Inn, Luss – October 2011

3 miles outside of Luss, the Inverbeg Inn was one of those places that you always seem to drive past and go, must stop there, so we did

Inside looks better than the outside with lovely wooden and slate walls. A 250 bottle whisky bar helps the feeling of being in Scotland, as does the menu – deep fried mars bars, buckfast sorbet oh dear, but then you may as well try it.

Listed as a pre starter these mini mars bars at £3.65 were delish, like a mixture of mars bar and bounty.  Gorgeous.

fish supper at £9.45 and a buccleuch steak burder with onion rings and tomato chutney for £9.95.  Both tasty and the chips were superb.

We finished with, of course, Buckfast Sorbet at £2.85

ultra sweet but moreish at the same time, quite liked this, although if I make it at home it would be in smaller portions.

A couple of whiskies from the massive list, one indian and one from the now defunct  Littlemill Distillery of Bowling helped remove the dreich weather outside.

2 Responses to “Inverbeg Inn, Luss – October 2011”

  1. David Telling (@tellingd) Says:

    Good review, sorbet with Buckie sounds a little strange but you make me want to drive up and try it 🙂

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