D’Nisi, Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, Glasgow – 9th August 2008

Recently opened, we ventured through its doors just a little too late for bekkie.  We settled for a coffee and a gingerbread flavoured hot choc for the other reviewer.  Nice setting, clean and tidy with a good amount of staff.

Prices were a bit steep for what you got (£1.79 for a small coffee) and the sandwiches were a bit expensive too (£5) to temp me in for another visit.  We were asked three times if we wanted anything else other than just two drinks which was a bit pushy.

I went to the toilet and was scaled by the hot jet of water from the sink. Like beanscene, there are various yummy mummys and their progeny running riot without a care in the world for any other person trying to relax (!!). I mentioned to a member of staff that they should put a sign on the sink advising that the water is extremely hot as I had just burned myself – “Oh” i got, no apology, nothing.

We returned on a later date to try again. Same surly service and the amount of froth on the coffee was a laugh! I had only touched the coffee to remove the froth.

when you remove the froth...

For the price I would expect it to be full cup!

Lesson learned, we won’t be back.

Where is it: – D’Nisi

11 Responses to “D’Nisi, Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, Glasgow – 9th August 2008”

  1. m gordon Says:

    great coffee. great range of food and different breads.
    mother and baby friendly definately not!!!!!!

  2. Laura Says:

    Just the same old generic coffee shop template – a blatant copy of Beanscene. Brown/tan walls, average coffee and plastic cakes and muffins bought in from a factory outside Birmingham or something. Very expensive too. Not very good I’m affraid….

  3. Rinata m Says:

    I completely disagree Laura. We are there most weeks – a group of 3 of us- sometimes with 1 child. We love it! The coffee is fab- its probably the best Ive tasted around. They bake their own scones every day and quite allot of their cakes are homebaked, as are their soups and breads. All of them are delicious. I used to go to Beanscene, and apart from the dirt and crappy coffee, I would simply not go back- becauses their food is tasteless- sadly like most coffee shops around. D’nisi seems to have cracked the good food alongside good coffee- for now anyway- we’re content…we will update if changes occur!

  4. Chris Says:

    Best cafe in Shawlands by a mile. Comfortable, nice decor. Great toasties, soup, milkshakes etc. Prices were reasonable. Used to go to Beanscene but couldn’t stand the ‘attitude’ of some of the adolescent staff (apologies to the ones that actually put some effort in), the overloud music, uncomfortable wooden chairs or the infestation of toddlers abandoned by their trendy parents to harass the clientele (and this is a parent talking).

  5. Lorna Says:

    Great coffee, and the food is excellent too, especially the soup. The staff are always very friendly. Highly recommended!

  6. admin Says:

    Sorry Lorna, I returned lately and the staff were still a bit flippant in their service, Coffee is OK,what there is of it – most of my cappucino was froth. 😦

  7. Dave E Says:

    I agree with emmar on this one. I wasn’t impressed with the staff. Without sounding like a snob they were a bit ‘rough’ and lacking professionalism.

    The person serving looked at me and said ‘awright mate, whit cun a get ye?’ For a moment I thought I was in Greggs the bakers. . .

    Coffee is just ‘OK’ but dont go near the breakfast…

  8. Stuart M Says:

    I find it hard to believe the comment above, I have coffee most days and breakfast at the weekends in the branch and the staff are nothing short of exceptional; compared to the staff in the high street chains anyway! Never heard any of that sort of greeting anyway…

  9. Eva Says:

    Hi,I just want say– Im from Czech republic,quite fussy of coffee,so im really enjoyed capuccino in Dnisi.I tryed coffee in Starbuck,Costa and oder coffee shop,but all what i taste was only hot milk with coffee flavour.I hate big mug of something like just hot milk,so im very happy that is some place in Glasgoe,where i can have nice strong capuccino with lot of froth. {Bythe way capuccino without froth isnt capuccino}. :))

  10. Steve Mcnair Says:

    Mixed reviews on this place then. I decided to try it out myself this week. The atmosphere was warm and homely and it was busy with couples and families. It’s a nice relaxing sort of place and the service was great.

    What lets it down is what your actually there for. The food and coffee. Dont get me wrong, I’m not complaining about anything in particular. It’s just that the coffee and food are not a stand out. The menu, without sounding rude, is a little bland and unoriginal. It’s also a little but expensive for what you get.

    Best cafe in Shawlands by a mile? I’m sorry but I cant agree with that. You could be eating at bagette express further along the street, it’s the same type of panini as I had.

    Would I go back? Maybe. But not in a hurry.

  11. Ruaridh Law Says:

    Hi there,
    As the Manager of the store, I just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. All the comments, even the negative ones, are really valued as we’re nothing without the views of our customers. We’ve taken all of these comments on board and hopefully you’ll all pop back in again to see how things have changed.

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