Cross Keys, Milngavie – Update April 2009

April 2009 Update

Re-visted today and what an improvement!  A really nice paint job to the outside makes it look much more welcoming. Inside no smell of chips – hurrah!  We both ordered Steak and Sausage pie which was lovely(although I had no sausage but lots of steak so i wasn’t too bothered!) and puffy puff pastry.  Two glasses of wine too and the bill came to £18.40.    Much better service – really friendly and welcoming – and the food was fresh and tasty.  Thanks all for pointing me back in the direction of good food!


Jan 2009 Visit


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Coming off the train and being a pair of starvers we headed to one of the oldest buildings in Milngavie.  Ignoring the smell of chips throughout the bar (yeuch) we ordered the soup and sandwich deal – £2.99.  Tepid lentil soup and a horrid day old bloomer sandwich appeared.  Hmm 😦

12 Responses to “Cross Keys, Milngavie – Update April 2009”

  1. Geee Says:

    The cross Keys has just been taken over by new owners, I was there tonight and the food has slightly increased in price but that is a good thing as it is not edible. Fish and chips was really nice, huge portions, good service, I would recommend it!

  2. admin Says:

    Oh I’ll need to go back then, as I went years back and it was good so was a bit disapointed on it being bad. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Andy Says:

    Yeah the Cross Keys has new owners (a father and son) and it has improved a lot, including the food (with a new chef). They are creating a really Scottish feel to the whole place and getting rid of the John Barras style. Much improved and i’d recommend a return visit.

  4. Duncan Fox Says:

    I went to the Cross Keys llast night,24 July 2009, for dinner to celebrate my 28th wedding anniversary.We decided to stay local so the “KEYS” was our choice.I,m not a frequent visitor to the KEYS but thought we would give it another try,as the food on our previous couple of visits was not very good and I find the manageress very choosy on who she serves and talks to.Probably the worst MIEN HOSTESS I have encountered in all my years of pub going.Anyway,we gives it another try.My wife ordered sirloin steak and I ordered scampi,after some light starters of mushrooms and chicken goujons.My wifes steak was at best rump steak,never a sirloin and it was over cooked,she asked for rare to medium,and her plate full was freezing cold,mine was OK,but hers was COLD.Paid bill and left without the HOSTESS even coming near us to apologise after I complained to the nice waitress.£23 lighter and never to return to THE CROSS KEYS.

  5. Willie Dunn Says:

    Food absolutly bogging. An insult to the public. Should be closed down fefore someone is hospitilised.

  6. admin Says:

    Oh dear, must visit again to see how things have dropped again. Pity I had much hope!

  7. Gary Mathis Says:

    I eat in the Cross Keys quite regularly, and I do not agree one little bit with Willie Dunn. Having spoken to the new owner, who has made such massive changes to the place since he took over, he told me how all the food is freshly prepared on site. I have never had a bad meal in there since it was bought over. Previously when it was a Barras owned pub, the food WAS awful…it was all microwaved, but not now.

    And in reply to Duncan Fox, I know the woman who you are talking about and have always found her to be very friendly and chatty when I have been in. Was the problem with your wife’s meal rectified? You don’t say. I have eaten Sirloin in there and it is always delicious.

  8. marian morton Says:

    really stunned at at the above comments.i visited the cross keys a few weeks ago for the jazz evening.not only were my husband and i greeted by superb waiting staff ,the relaxed atmosphere and food was excellent.the new manager is friendly and trying really hard to involve the local community as well as deliver a top quality service.
    we have eaten in many fine restaurants throughtout the world,the above comments are ridiculous.i wish the new manager all the best with his new business.

  9. Susan Says:

    I recently visited the Cross Keys and must say the food was awful. It was overcooked and the salad consisted of lettuce, small piece tomato and small piece of red pepper. Really overpriced. Certainly will not go back and eat in there for food. The ladies toilets were also disgusting they were smelling and flooded. There was water coming out from around the toilet pans and when someone complained about it was told by the owner “if you dont like it then leave”. Did not think that was the right type of answer to give since they have just taken over. I think the person who complained was going to report them to the Environmental Health as it was a horrible stench. The pub is cosy would visit again just for a drink and try and not go to the toilet!!!!!

  10. Leanne Says:

    The new management has certainly cleaned the place up. As far as pub-grub goes the food is good and I have always found the staff pleasant and courteous. I have found the manager on the other hand to appear very rude to the staff, he snaps his fingers to get their attention and gesticulates with his index finger when he wants them to come over and speak with him and as a customer this makes me feel uncomfortable. I have also heard him discipline his staff in front of customers which is quite frankly inappropriate. I couldn’t afford the very pricey menu that was introduced for the Jazz Night so unfortunately won’t be back.

  11. Fraser Johnstone Says:

    This is a very old artilce.
    I am a regular at The Cross Keys and do not recognise the comments here.
    You only need to look at the photos posted here as the pub looks nothing like that now.
    It is in private ownership now, completely renovated and does great food with very friendly staff.

  12. sarah Says:

    I have frequented the Cross Keys for over 20yrs as i am a local,the person you’s are refering to will be Debbie not really the right person for front of house as is not well liked by punters due to her lack of people skills don’t expect a warm welcome hello or smile and don’t take it personally as that’s just the kind of person she is,can’t think why the owner Stuart employs her as manageress,the food at the Keys is poor,10 yrs ago me and friend’s used to go to the Keys every friday and saturday night for dinner,you always got a lovely homemade meal and it was great value for moneystaff were always very friendly and helpfull unfortunately those days are long gone,used to be a cracking pub and was always jumping but is no longer like that,go in for the ocassional drink these days but nothing else,sorry if my review seems harsh but i just tell it like it is,could be a cracking pub once again if in the right hands.

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