Colintraive Hotel – March 2012

Hand dived king scallops and stornaway black pudding £10.50 – wow, plump and fresh.  went well with the stornaway pudding.

Seafood Chowder – £7.95.   Fishy and creamy, some more lumps would have been good…

Bute steak and guinness pie £12.50 – huge portion, some side veggies would have helped it along.  Melt in the mouth steak and flavoursome gravy.  Excellent puff pasty – not too dry and not a soggy bit in sight.

Linguini pasta pescatori with mussels, crayfish tails, King prawns and garlicky tomato sauce £15.25  Far too much of a portion, could do with cutting that down and the price.  Crayfish tails were tiny,  more king prawns required for the price.  Sauce garlicky enough 🙂  I left half of the pasta due to the size of the portion.

Overall nice meal but a bit steep considering you are stuck there if having a drink.   Would pop in for a drink but would think twice about the expense of eating.

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