Chippy doon the lane, Glasgow – April 2009

Passed the signs and thought it was time to go for a visit. A bit of a grubby lane and entrance way, but much nicer decor once up the stair. Quick service, gorgeous toilets – although watching yourself sit on the pan isn’t too good! We had two fish teas with mushy peas and pickled onions as extra additions. Nice tea, choice of brown or white bread and the fish was brought out in a newspaper styled cardboard tray (nice touch). Fish was fresh and meaty (we had coley), chips weren’t as good as expected but still better than other chips Ive had and the tartare sauce was zingy.

£12.80 for the two of us which I thought was good considering the excellent decor, friendly service and city centre location.

The Chippy doon the lane on Urbanspoon

One Response to “Chippy doon the lane, Glasgow – April 2009”

  1. Paul Says:

    I love this little place, a good half way house between chip shop and restaurant, plus you can have a beer…

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