Candy Bar and Kitchen, 113-115 George Street, Edinburgh – Sep 2009

Location –

BEWARE! Although the food is cheap the drink is extortionate. I got charged £4 for a G&T, other half £4.50 for a kopperberg! The food – small portion but ok – penne Carbonara, bacon & garlic Cream sauce – passable for a quick meal/snacky type of thing but a bit watery and small portion. Other half had Gnocchi with tomatoes, olives and mozzarella, v nice but again small portion. we had some chips (that we were bullied into agreeing to) and garlic (or non garlic tasting) ciabatta and cheese. The chips allegedly has spice – they were greasy and no spice was noted. We ended with Chocolate fondue £3.50 per person, promoted as
“Marshmallows, mini cookies, banana, strawberries, white &
dark chocolate dipping sauce” Mini cookies were normal sized digestive biscuits and no white and chocolate dipping sauce just dark chocolate. There are no menus around to check that what you receive is correct. There are also no prices on the beer/spirits menu, so get ready for your shock.

worth £10?


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