Cafe Alba, Milngavie – Jan 2009


Cafe Alba is pretty swish inside for a cafe.  Clean toilet too! We had two latte’s which were very pleasant.  My only gripe was the lack of menu given to us and the time it took us to order – the staff were too busy gossiping 😦  Otherwise, Id go back again.

5 Responses to “Cafe Alba, Milngavie – Jan 2009”

  1. douglas faill Says:

    Excellent food and extensive menu with friendly staff. Have had nothing but efficent service and the sunday roast dinner was really really good – On my way back again today!

  2. Joanne Hamilton Says:

    Great experience

  3. Brian Watson Says:

    I was very surprised by the food and service I received here when I went. Not really expecting much but was made very welcome by the 2 friendly ladies. The food was best I have tasted around this area. The bill was very reasonable to.. Looking forward to my return.

  4. Sue Mac Says:

    Regular visitor to Cafe Alba. The best soup in the West ….never been disappointed yet. Also the breakfast is fantastic …. how do they cook the fried eggs so perfectly?

  5. Sarah Lewis Says:

    I love this wee cafe, it does the best breakie ever & everytime we are in we get welcomed by the staff who are very friendly. Will be back many times in the future.

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