Brewhaha, Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow – Jan 2011 – *CLOSED*

Located on the Ground Floor of Buchanan Galleries Shopping Centre at the bottom of the escalators.

We ventured in for hopefully some winter freezing weather busting soup.  Luckily we spied a deal soup and a sandwich/roll for £4.95.  Which isn’t too bad for the city centre.

Choice of two soups as well as a selection of fillings (plain ham/pastrami/chicken/chedder/swiss cheese etc) as well as some garnishes for your “piece”.  Good choice of rolls too.
We returned another time and this time plumped just for two sandwiches, a pot of tea and two cakes.  £6.98 for two sandwiches, 1 Golden Yunnan tea £2.00 (hints of honey very nice), that with two cakes came to £14.63.
The best bit, apart from the wide selection of tea has to be the cake, go for the Victoria Sponge – a HUGE wedge of a cake with that glorious home made taste.

Service to the table could be a bit sharper, think I’m helping out my aunt style of delivery to the table. Apart from that great cake.

(oh and the free version of Spotify was a little off putting too)

2 Responses to “Brewhaha, Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow – Jan 2011 – *CLOSED*”

  1. Finlay Says:

    Huge slices of cake.Victoria sandwich excellent. Also coffee walnut and the fruit loaves. I know what you
    mean about the service.
    Have they sorted out the spelling?
    I think they could be bit more professional all round; clearing away all round cleanliness generally.
    Great cakes although.

    • admin Says:

      Oh the Victoria Sponge, well worth sitting in a shopping centre. Never noticed the spelling, just the creative style of forming letters 😉

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