Boudoir, Merchant Square, Glasgow – Dec 2010

We ventured into here due to the coffee and cake for £2.50 advertised in the window.  Named Boudoir and decorated in a decadent style.  Little booths to sit with your loved on, candles on the table and some dreamy tunes on in the background.  Was absolutely empty for lunch time which was a bit of a worry, however we went in and had a cuppa.  Didn’t look at the wine/beer list however seemed a good selection of beers in the fridge behind the counter, however the servers had no idea about the beers they were selling, inc the price!

We both enjoyed the coffee and the cakes were delish, well worth the money.  Would definitely go back.

2 Responses to “Boudoir, Merchant Square, Glasgow – Dec 2010”

  1. Barm Says:

    I was put off rather by the decor and name which strike me as kind of kitschy, but if as you say the coffee and cakes are good I might give it a go. Glasgow could do with a few good wine bars, surely there is the custom for them? Not pubs that sell good wine and not 80s yuppie-type wine bars, but nice places that major on wine.

  2. admin Says:

    Name didn’t really strike a chord with me, but could be somewhere nice in the evening. Afternoon cuppa and a cake was good for the price I think.

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