Boteco Do Brasil, 60 Trongate, Glasgow

Booked a cheap lunch deal thru 5pm – 3 tapa for £6.95.

Place looked the part when we entered, if a little quiet for a lunch time – one other couple inside.  Two tv’s hanging on the wall – one showing a concert, another showing Bargain Hunt??? Both with the sound down with random music playing over the sound system.

Wide spaces to move around in, however inside is very dull if your eyesight isnt up to scratch.  The disabled toilet had a plant pot in front of it.  Regular toilets are down the stairs – which looked like they could be doing with a recover lest someone fall down the stairs and you have to pass a jammed open cleaning cupboard which was a lovely view and smell!

Pastelzinho de carne £3.20
Small pastry parcels filled with  beef  served on a
bed of chilli salad with spicy dip. – kind of samosa styled small pastie – pretty tastless, chilli salad seemed to be a normal salad garnish under the parcels – thankfully the spicy dip was there to give taste!

• Empanada £3.20
Traditional Brazilian dish of baked corn, tomato, onions & peppers.
Choice of tuna or chicken served with chilli salad & dips. – dips? one dip of the regular spicy dip – we went for tuna which was tasty but could have been warmer.

• Bolinho de Peixe £3.95
Brazilian style fillet of cod fish cakes – pretty bland – the spicy dip came to the fore again!

Lula Frita £3.95
Shallow-fried Atlantic calamari rings with Marie Rose dip. – why the marie rose dip?  Calamari were fine, usual out of a bag fare.

• Pimentão Recheado (V) £3.95
Roast peppers stuffed with mozzarella, tomato & rice. – another bland experience 😦  Morrisons pre-packed stuffed peppers are much better!

Chouriço Apimentado £4.75
Spicy Brazilian chouriço served with cassava (Brazilian potatoes). –  not much taste again, poor chouriço sausage.
£3.60 for two glasses of orange juice.  Considering in Spain you get one of these plates with a 1.50€ half pint of beer the tapas regime in glasgow is a rip off.  Even more when you consider the food we are being served is pretty bland.

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