Blue Dog, West George Street, Glasgow – Oct 2008

Sophisticated bar in the city centre of Glasgow. Ventured in for some cocktails with a girl friend of old. Relaxing lounge style music, dimmed lighting, fabrics that scream to be caressed – all make up a great place. The cocktails tasted like they had alcohol in them and were served quickly with a flourish. No hanging around for service either. Roughly £5.95 starting price for cocktails, but they do taste good. I’d recommend the Blue Dog cocktail itself as well as a good Mojito.

Definately be back 🙂

Where is it:-
Blue Dog
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3 Responses to “Blue Dog, West George Street, Glasgow – Oct 2008”

  1. Ally Says:

    I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the door staff at this venue (rude and aggressive) so it was with an amount of trepidation that I approached the door last weekend. I’m glad to report I was allowed entry with a smile and ‘good evening’. Once inside I was immediately impressed. This is a very nice venue with relaxed tunes and pleasant staff. The cocktails are very good and fast approaching the standard of my favourite town hang out the metropolitan!

  2. Michael Says:

    I hate the place. They know how to make a cocktail, but their attitude is intolerable. Probably depends how you look, but I’d never go back – even if I could get it the door, that is!

  3. Chris Feeney Says:

    Pretentious but good cocktails. Good for impressing the burds 😉

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