Battlefield Rest, 55 Battlefield Road, Glasgow – November 2009


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A family celebration, we had been recommended the Battlefield Rest, and we were very happy to visit.  We went for the pre-theatre menu at £11.90 for two courses with a bottle of the house red also at £11.90

Starters were:-



With tomatoes, onions, lemon, garlic, chilli and white wine, Italian bread


Mix Italian meats, roasted peppers, black olives, parmesan cubes with Italian bread


Italian Style Sausages topped with Pecorino
Served hot in a rich spicy tomato sauce on garlic bread


then mains of:-


Lamb Stew Cooked in tomato, celery, onions, mange tout. Finished  with chive & parsley cream




Seafood Cannelloni Home produced with salmon smoke haddock, spinach. Served with a white sauce


Crepes Pork mince & spicy Sausage
Filled with pork meat & ground spicy sausage. Topped with a gravy sauce

We all had ice cream desserts which were gorgeous at £4.90 each.

Great service, cosy little place not formal at all but looks special.  We will definitely return.

One Response to “Battlefield Rest, 55 Battlefield Road, Glasgow – November 2009”

  1. Chris Feeney Says:

    I live just down the road from this, can’t get excited about it. Been about three times, every time I’ve felt it was overpriced with sullen service.

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