BarMc and Grill 129 Bath Street, Glasgow – 5th August 2008


Located in the basement of Abode hotel (which used to be the old Glasgow Corporation Education Department so a lovely buildng).  We ventured in for the “£7.95 per person for 2 courses on our lunch menu, including a complimentary cup of tea or coffee”

Chicken Caesar Salad – fresh and tasty and a good bit of chicken

Olive and Tomato Tart – by comparison this was quite small and I was still munching my way through my salad for a while after the other half finished this.

Pan Fried Salmon with Fragrant Rice – Salmon was nicely seasoned, rice had that sitting about waiting to be eaten consistency.

New potatoes, roast chicken and savoy cabbage  – nom!

We also had coffee’s and a bottle of still water.  Came home and realised that we should have got our coffee’s free 😦

Overall nice stuff but rice was a bit disappointing.

Where is it: – BarMC and Grill

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