Bar Gambrino, Great Western Road, Glasgow- Feb 2011

Please note this is for BAR Gambrino and not the restaurant across the road.

2-4-1 pizza deal in operation here which is good as £11 odd for the standard below is a bit unworthy.

Margherita pizza ordered with addition of anchovies, pizza was swimming in oil, which tasted like it was from the anchovies (which were not the usual salted ones but the “cheaper” plain ones) It was tasteless, if i wasnt starving (and wanting to have something quick as another engagement was pending)  I wouldve sent it back.

This one (name escapes me sorry) was basically plain dough, scrunched and topped with some ham, mozzarella and rocket leaves with a drizzle of pesto. Dry, could have done with maybe a layer of the pesto through it to make it tasty.
On what we experienced tonight disappointing, overpriced. Dont bother with it.

11 Responses to “Bar Gambrino, Great Western Road, Glasgow- Feb 2011”

  1. jackie keith Says:

    please remove us from your website, we have sought legal advice & you require permission for the photographs you have published of our establishment and your comments are considered slanderous.

    If you choose to ignore this our lawyer will be in touch

    PS the pizzas are two for one so if you can do maths that works out at £5-£6.50 each plus anchovy pizza is not on the menu so hence why we dont purchase the fresh anhovies.

    • paul Says:

      haha brilliant! you’ve now went viral with this threat.
      here”s to more hilarity – and photography! maybe you should put a sign up in the window saying no photography allowed?

    • admin Says:

      Thank you Ms Keith for replying to a blog entry. Is this an official communication?

      The photograph of your establishment was taken outside in a public area. The other photographs were of the food purchased. No “no photography” signs were noted on the premises.

      The content of the website is an opinon and what is posted is believed to be “fair comment” on what was experienced.

    • jackie Keith Says:

      I apologise for my earlier outburst, I was just very angry as myself & the staff have worked so hard to build up this business in difficult times & feel this blog is not representative of what we do here. If their was ever any problem with the food we would liked to have the chance to correct as we want our customers to leave happy.

      I am not the owner, I am an employee & I guess everyone has their opinion & I was admitedly very wrong with my first response.

  2. Barm Says:

    You have to be pretty clueless to start throwing legal threats about. That’s much more damaging to your reputation than one bad review.

  3. Finlay Says:

    Bar Gambrino you are making an arse of yourselves.

    And hiking prices so you can offer 2for1 doesn’t impress either.

  4. FintonStack Says:

    This is one establishment I will *never* be visiting again, not because of the review, but because of the hysterical, bullying response to it. I will be advising my friends likewise.

    Also, Gambrino, find a better lawyer. Freedom of panorama and fair use are well established in UK law.

  5. angelabdc Says:

    While I don’t want to defend the respose from Gambrino’s I would like praise it as friendly neighbourhood restaurant where my family have eaten time and again and always had a friendly welcome. The Pizzas are reliably good, with bases as light as a feather and staff have always been extremely accomodating to my fussy 9 year old.

  6. scottie Says:

    I think I might be missing something here. Yeah, 11 quid is on the pricey side for a sit-down pizza. £5.50, however, seems to be pretty good value.
    I eat and drink in gambrinos a fair bit, and honestly can`t fault it. It`s not like the 2 for 1 deal is only available at certain times- its on all the time. This can make me pretty popular with my flatmate, as I`ll have a pizza, and the staff will box up a second one for me to take home with me.
    I`m looking forward to this reviewers` car review, where he laments that his Ford Ka is lacking the performance and refinement of the more expensive ferraris. 😛

  7. Stephen McLaughlin Says:

    Id just like to say, personally i find Gambrinos a great wee restaurant, i go there regularly with my 10 yr old daughter.
    I have always had a warm welcome, and the food is always lovely, also, for value for money is superb.
    The staff are always nice and look after you…I cant fault it.
    As for the negative comments on the sight, its hardly surprising that the staff are offended by them, especially when the vast majority of people who eat regularly in Gambrinos, have never had a problem.

  8. Dave Says:

    Nothing more pathetic than someone feeling so strongly about the quality of food that rather than actully talk to the staff like a healthy member of society (who, knowing them, would have gone out of their way to help said diner), they immediately get on the ol’ interweb and whine about it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, it just seems rather pointless to condemn an establishment on the basis of trying a couple of items and not even giving them a chance to rectify their apparent mistake. A bit like this blog I guess, one pretty dire review with little to no depth, better looking at yelp methinks.

    For my two cents, Gambrinos is a cracking bar, great beers, tasty food, try the burgers, and some of the friendliest staff in the west end, if one actually took the time to interact with real people instead of a keyboard. The packed bar on these hot spring days says it all really

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