Babbity Bowsters, Blackfriars Street, Glasgow


Pouring outside so whats the best thing to do?  BEER!  Not one of the  cheapest places to hide from the rain in Glasgow but it’s pleasant surroundings, has a fire (hurrah!) and due to the price has a certain non ned element which is also great.  Lovely beer garden to sit out in on that good day we have.  Toilets could be doing with a spruce up but they are clean, service is quick.  They also do a selection of Scottish Food which is very nice and always seems popular.


Update Christmas 2010, otherhalf visited as part of Christmas night out.  Curried pumpkin soup (£4) and then sea bass cooked in pernod (£15) with “perfect most nom-worthy tatties ever”, sprouts and parsnips.

Both were lovely. Best xmas meal I’ve evr paid for and washed down with real ale.

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2 Responses to “Babbity Bowsters, Blackfriars Street, Glasgow”

  1. Jenny Says:

    this place is famous for its food, you must try the stovies!

  2. Phil Mews Says:

    We had heard so much about this place we decided to give it a try on a cold November afternoon. The staff offer a warm reception but we and other diners sat nearby would have felt warmer had they lit the fire or turned the heating on. Menu is really basic, not always a bad thing. Stovies were disappointing as they were served luke warm and with barely 50g of mince in it. My partner had the shin of beef – and asked for no potatoes. The plate arrived with some slices of grissle and beef, boiled potatoes and half a carrot – the stock was watery and tasteless. We had to eat elsewhere after we left. I’m not at all sure how it has earned its reputation for fine food – it was clear on this occasion that the food seems to be poorly sourced.

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