Ashoka at the Mill, 500 Corselet Road, Darnley, Glasgow – Feb 2010

After eating ham and cheese and sausages in Berlin we were gasping for a curry. Visited 5pm an found a great buffet deal at Ashoka for £8.95 a head – which is much cheaper than the usual Friday price. Having been to two Ashoka’s before we were looking forward to it.

First boo boo, no note of our booking,
Second, goes away comes back and asks if we have confirmation email with us – Ive never been asked for that before so havent bothered but did definitely read the email!
Third, loads of kids – OK it’s friday at 5:45 but ….. its a kid fest – running around, loud – gah!
Fourth, i ordered a shandy as driving – the look of not being able to make a mint out of us through the alcohol order was priceless
Fifth, the food – bland bland bland. The most boring buffet selection ever. Granted there were two lamb curries – but no way to tell the difference – they tasted the same. The bombay potatoes were hard. The dessert selection was pitiful – one cake, one indian dessert which was tasteless (which would put a lot of people off a nice indian dessert), fruit salad (very nice tho!) and the kids asking for ice cream as no way to get your own.

It just seemed as if the buffet was an annoyance.

£23.80 for the two of us, which considering we were in and out in less than an hour was awful. Avoid unless you like a bland curry and have kids.

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3 Responses to “Ashoka at the Mill, 500 Corselet Road, Darnley, Glasgow – Feb 2010”

  1. supraflyguy Says:

    Went there about a year ago… left very disappointed 😦

  2. Hugh Jarse Says:

    This is a perfect review of the place, and the look IS priceless. Same scenario mate, asked for shandies, their chin hit the floor. Money grabbin .p***k’s!

    Cant be bothered with them ethnic tubes anymore, shall be keeping away from them if I can help it.

    Stick to M&S or homemade curries from now on!

  3. colin envis Says:

    get u in get u out if not buying drinks bland food thats been sitting to long drying up emty or near emty buffet compartments where food should be ignorant staff near non existant sweets felt pushed out the door near closing time so orderd a beer and rat nursing it just to be a pain in the arse and left them at my mercy no early get home for them that night

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