Ardardan Farm, Cardross

Have been going to the shop here since 2005 but never actually sat in the cafe.  What a mistake!

Gorgeous food, excellent service and then you can buy it in the shop 🙂  Watch out though as it’s closed on a monday (just when you need that treat!)

Opening Times: 10am-5pm
Tearoom: 10am (11am Sun)-4pm
6 Days: Closed on Monday

Egg mayo on brown.  Loads of egg with very little gloopy mayo, bliss

balsamic onions, apple chutney and some pie.  Crisp pastry, flavoursome pie and hardly any fat around the pastry case (which im not keen on so good!)

Cheesecake with orkney fudge

Caramel Apple pie, yum!  Even better than normal as it was heated so gooey caramel.  Went well with the bitter apple inside.

One Response to “Ardardan Farm, Cardross”

  1. Fiona Crawford Says:

    I would highly recommend Ardardan. Fantastic family run business with lovely friendly staff. Food is great and the homemade desserts are far too tempting!!!!! Child friendly too and the children can look at the animals that are on the farm. There is also a lovely walk that you can go on to walk off your lunch!

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