The Finnieston, 1125 Argyle Street, Glasgow – June 2012

Punting itself as a seafood restaurant and a gin cocktail bar, we of course had to go

Small but interesting would definitely be the decor, part library, part galley, part public toilet! (the tiles).  The push is towards food I would say, which is a shame as the bar is fully stocked ( Aperol!) and would be a great place to while away the time.

After eyeing up the crab on the way in, I went for the whole Orkney Crab, served with fries £12.95.

The crab was delicious, dressed with extra lemon to add extra zing, although there was a fair amount crab chewy bits that could have been better picked out. Also cracking or providing some cracking devices for the legs would have been handy too.  The leg meat was picked out eventually and disappeared quickly.  Fries were crispy  and some mayo/brown bread as a side would have been better methinks.

The man went for the daily fish, £14.95 today was Hake, grilled with rosemary and orange butter, two sides were chips and mixed greens.  Perfectly cooked fish, moist and tender.  Butter could have had a stronger flavour however it was there as a hint.  Chips looked a little rough but tasted crisp and fluffy.

We ordered two half pints of Finnieston Ale which we noticed on the way in, £3.20.   Considering its a Gin joint and the lovely beer, wine was all that was listed on the menu 😦

Lovely half pint glasses

Ladies Toilet Sign

Overall, we would return.  The food was good, beer good.  However waiter was a bit overrun (more staff!) and had to remember lots of dishes that were off.  Would be nice if it seemed confortable to just come in for a drink rather than the full meal business.   £31.10 all in.

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5 Responses to “The Finnieston, 1125 Argyle Street, Glasgow – June 2012”

  1. emmarzblog Says:

    From The Finnieston Bar & Restaurant Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed your meal. More than welcome to wile away the hours just drinking, don’t you worry! And a Gin book is currently being written! 😀

    – woohooo!

  2. Michelle Graham Says:

    I’ve been in for a few drinks (no food) a couple of times now and felt v comfortable, with no pressure at all to order food. One of the nicer places to relax with a glass of vino! Haven’t tried the food yet but it is on my list of things to do!

  3. Alfred Tan Says:

    Looks Good !

  4. Carol Anne @ Rock Salt Says:

    I have to say, any time I’ve passed (which is often) I’ve wanted to go in, but it’s been so busy that I’ve moved on. A really good sign though! This review has encouraged me to make a point of trying the place, perhaps I’ll wait until the Gin Book is ready 🙂

  5. trolley boy Says:

    was in there today, absolutely amazing food, well in my top 10, lovely creamy oysters and catfish and chips , nice cucumber gin too. very good staff and highly recommended

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