Chez Jules, 109 Hanover Street, Edinburgh – May 2012

After visiting Beltane in Edinburgh we surfaced at lunch time ravenous. Looking for something more substantial than a sandwich n soup we stumbled across Chez Jules, went “have we done french food?”, saw the menu and jumped downstairs.


After making our order, we received a salad, a basket of bread,  some salami and olives at no extra cost (excellent) on top of the free bottle of nice cold tap water.  Handy to remember if scrimping.


The man went for Mackerel Salad to start

Flavoursome mackerel, good to see capers in there.  Only minus was the amount of fish 😦

I went for the duck pate, and what a chunk

Again my usual moan about not enough bread v pate ratio, especially when the pate is strong.  Excellent stuff, however I still have no idea what the side sauce was!

Chicken for the man


Smooth mash, tasty cooking licor and chicken that falls off the bone. 🙂

Mussels and Frites for me


Delicious cooking licor, crispy frites, and aioli with flavour.   Much better than Brel in Glasgow.


Friendly service, cheap lunch, handy to remember if you are in the centre of Edinburgh and don’t want to be stung for a dear lunch.

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