Visiting as a Disabled Person

Not everyone who is disabled looks disabled and we don’t vouch to know all there is about disability issues although with a reviewer being mobility impaired gives them a chance for an extra moan when things aren’t quite right.  Not only is hard scrimped cash spent in these places, it can also be a hassle to get out the house to visit somewhere in the first place.

However, we will try to assess places from a disability viewpoint (specifically access).

Guidance can be found HERE from Direct Gov with a specific PDF document on what can be reasonably expected.  The key word that seems to crop up is reasonable.

We don’t think being able to access a toilet without having to squeeze through tables/move out the way of stored chairs etc is being unreasonable or having to walk miles (or what seems like it!) to get to the facilities.

Please get in touch with any tips/pointers/suggestions on ways that we can look at venues to help you on your way to enjoying your well earned night out.

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