Scholars Restaurant, City of Glasgow College, Cathedral Street – Feb 2011

Been meaning to visit here for a long time and always forgot to book ahead but we got organised this time and ventured in.

Looking like a function room in a hotel, the training restaurant for the City of Glasgow College has that half restaurant, half classroom feel about it (the toilets bring back memories of Glasgow college architecture).  Entering you are greeted by a group of eager trainees, check your booking, hang up your coat and take you to your allocated table.

Im unsure of how often the menu changes but we were given Menu 3 which consisted of a choice of Soup of the day, Fruit Salad or Pigeon Salad. Followed by Seabass on cous cous, chicken wrapped in ham with creamed leeks or vegetable canelloni,   We plumped for Soup and pigeon salad for starters

colours weren’t the most appetising but the tastes were up to scratch.  Pigeon with bacon, pear and onion relish.  Pear and pigeon were especially nice.

Tomato soup with a little bit of a kick to it, very nice on this slushy day.

Seabass on vegetable cous cous.  Moist fish and cous cous, flavoursome too.

Stuffed chicken breast wrapped with ham served with roasted tomatoes, creamed leeks and fondant potato.  The only fault with this dish, it was too much chicken not that the other diner complained adter tasting a bit.  Moist chicken with gorgeous leeks.

Pudding choices are a hot sweet pudding, mousse of the day and chocolate of the day.  Pear and Almond Tart, Orange Mousse or Chocolate Gateau.

The tart could have done with being less spongy as it was a bit heavy otherwise very tasty and creamy ice cream.

mousse on top of a meringue with a dollop of cream.  Light and fluffy without too strong a taste.

Choice of tea or coffee to end the meal and all for £7.95

The restaurant is licensed so alcoholic drinks can be purchased,    lemon iced water is provided free at the table.

(Click on the photograph to enlarge to see the prices clearly)

Excellent value for the price paid, not mind blowing cuisine but certainly the kind of place that you could safely take your parents and they would enjoy.

Disabled access via a ramp at the front door .

Open lunchtimes Monday -Friday, no credit or debit cards taken.

Telephone Number is:-0141 566 6212.
Website info-
(still as glasgow met at the moment so it should change soon)

3 Responses to “Scholars Restaurant, City of Glasgow College, Cathedral Street – Feb 2011”

  1. Barm Says:

    Do you have to book in advance? If so where?

    • admin Says:

      Will stick this in the main bit too

      Telephone Number is:-0141 566 6212.
      Website info-
      (still as glasgow met at the moment so it should change soon)

      Recommended to book as there was only one table for two free on Monday.

  2. noblenourishment Says:

    £7.95 for a 3 course meal and coffee? Do my eyes deceive me? The food looks spectacular.

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